De sidste snekrystaller

DE SIDSTE SNEKRYSTALLER (The last snowcrystals)

Is an installation made for the exhibition Global Goals X Art, an exhibiton with 27 artists interpreting the 17 UN Global Goals, in Gallerie Lorien, Copenhagen 2019.

The installation is made of secondhand glass objects, plates and ashtrays produced in (mainly) danish glass factories during the 20th century. Some objects have been reheated distorting their shapes. The objects themselves holds a high level og craftmanship: made in handblown, and pressed glass, with many coldworking details, such as cut decorations and handpolished details you would not see in factory made glass today.

The work adresses the 13th Global Goal: Climate Action and the 12th Global Goal: Sustainable consumption and production. Measures: 105 x 200 x 50 cm.                                



De sidste snekrystaller

SNEKRYSTAL (Snowcrystal) 2019, made in addittion to the above work. Secondhand glass objects and MDF board.

Measures: 80 x 80 x 8 cm.


Photo Carsten Norholt

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