Drink and wine

Drink and wine

The drink glass have a soft, lip friendly top. A decorative spiral on the vessel is applying colour and a subtle, optical effect to the glass, as well as a tactile experience. The glasses are produced in 3 colours and also in clear glass.

The wine glass made in clear glass, with a clear spiral applying a subtle optical effect to the glass, with a tactile experience, and allowing the wine to contribute with the colour to the glass. This is an all round wine glass. The glasses can vary as they are made by hand. 


Drink glass: Ø 7 cm, h: 

Wineglass Ø: 7 cm, h:

For special editions, please contact me

Tortus glass, light green
Tortus glass, turqoise
Tortoise glass, purple
Tortus wineglasses
Tortus wineglass
Tortus glass 3 colors
Tortus wineglass

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